Institute of Molecular Physics
Polish Academy of Sciences
M.Smoluchowskiego 17
60-159 Poznań

phone +48 61 8695 100
fax +48 61 868 45 24
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Robert Hołyst


Phone: +48 22 343 3123

Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences
ul. Kasprzaka 44/52, 01-224 Warszawa, tel.: 022-343-3102 lub 343-3123, fax: 022-343-3333

WMP-College of Sciences, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University
Dewajtis 5, Warsaw, Poland

Education: Warsaw University - MSc (1986); Institute of Physical Chemistry, PAN - PhD (1989), Dr. hab. (1992), Professor (1998)

Employment: Warsaw University - Graduate Student (1985-1986); Institute of Physical Chemistry, PAN (1986-1987), Senior Assistant (1987-1989), Assistant Professor (1989-1992), Associate Professor (1993), Professor (1998), Vice-Head of Department (since 1996); College of Science in Warsaw - Vice-Rector (1994-1996), Head of Department (2001), Director for Scientific Affairs Institute of Pgtscial Chemsitry PAS (2007)

Activities: Simple fluids: many body correlation functions, freezing, wetting, density functional theories, kinetic theories. Liquid crystals: surface ordering, density functional theories, phase transitions in model systems. Microemulsions: wetting, bulk structure and correlations, ordering in restricted geometries. Polymers: phase transitions and correlations in bulk liquid crystalline polymers, general aspects of statistical mechanics of polymers, critical phenomena in polymers, kinetics of the order-disorder phase transitions in polymer melts. Brownian motion and conformal invariance, non-equilibrium stat. mech. Topology and geometry of surface. Minimal surfaces. Biochemical pathways. Dynamic light scattering, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Anomalous diffusion

Honours and memberships: 2005 Prime Minister Prize 2007 MISTRZ stripendship from Foundation for Polish Science 2009 TEAM program winner

Books: "Thermodynamics for chemists, physicists and engineers" (in polish with A.Ciach, A.Poniewierski)UKSWUKSW publishing house 2005 "Thermodynamics in examples" (in polish with A.Poniewierski) UKSW publishing house 2008

Papers: total number - 160, two book on thermodynamics (2005,2008)

Born: 1963 Warszawa

Hobbies: sailing, sailed around Cape Horn to Antarctica, bridge